Learning business from Yo Yo Anda King

Egg Seller, Entrepreneur
Yo Yo Anda King
In the past 30 odd days, we’ve all seen the amount of buzz and ruckus the demonetization has created. We’ve all been in long queues, felt that sense of pride everybody we got rid of a Rs 500/Rs 1000 note, and felt miserable everytime we got one.
But what I’m going to talk about today is a ‘business case study’ of one of the thellas near my place called ‘Yo Yo Anda King’. Needless to say, he is a Yo Yo Honey Singh fan. But apart from the pretty obvious swag he has in his thella name, he does have some pretty awesome business sense to learn from, despite being not very educated.
The very next day after the decision of demonetization was announced, while everybody was afraid of the Rs 500/Rs 1000 notes, this thella owner had opened his own wallet where he was taking Rs 500 notes in advance from his customers for the andaas/omlettes they had in the coming days. But wait, what? Why would he do that? These were the metrics that he managed to solve!
Retention: People who had given a Rs 500 advance kept coming back to him for the next 15-20 days because:
1. They didn’t want to end up forgetting their balance if the money stayed with him for too long
2.They saw a prospect of getting rid of another Rs 500 note, just in case this advance got over quickly.
So people who would’ve otherwise tasted a poha, biryani or momos on different days ended up being only half boiled, bread omletted, half fry, and bhurji fans for the next few days.
Organic marketing/Referrals: People working in nearby companies ended up talking about him, and kept coming to deposit their Rs 500 advance. That’s some free marketing!
He obviously explained the above to me in layman terms. 😛
Though he had a pretty humble smartphone, he made sure he had Paytm on his phone, and the Paytm barcode on this thella the very next day! Don’t know what Paytm is? He’ll explain it, and market it to you so well that even Vijay Shekhar Sharma would go weak in his knees. The very next day, you’d see the same customer making a payment through Paytm.
Immediately after his Paytm wallet would elapse, you’d see him train people on the Justdial pay the very next day! Why Justdial pay, you ask? Because he knew the Justdial office was quite near to his thella, and the possibility of his customers using Jusdial was a lot higher. This was when the nearby thellas were finally considering having having a paytm account, but Yo Yo Anda King with all his swag and brains had already made a lot of money by then.
Learning? Speed, understanding the need of your customer, a bit of guts and adopting technology quick can take you places. “Tax customer ko bhi bharna tha, ab hum bhardenge. Fark itna, ab thoda sahi se dhanda karke bharenge”, is what he says. Oh by the way, don’t call out any other rapper’s name in front of him, he hates it.

Khushi se itna pyaar kyun karta hai tu?

Khushi se itna pyaar kyun karta hai tu,
Ek baar gam se haath mila kar toh dekh

Jeet ke itne peeche kyun pada hai tu,
Ek baar zara saa haar ke toh dekh

Khushi mehsus karne kaa Mazaa hi kya,
Agar gam kaa aansu nahi piya.

Pyaar karne aur paane ki voh ada hi kya,
Agar tanha nahi jiya

Jab mausam chaar hai, aur phool anek,
Toh khushi ko gam se zyada pyaar kyun karta hai tu,
Uss dost ko khone ke bhay se, pyaar karne se kyun darta hai tu.

Buzdil ki tarah ghut-ghut ke kyun jeeta hai,
Ek baar apni awaaz duniya ko suna kar toh dekh.

Khushi se itna pyaar kyun karta hai tu,
Ek baar gam se haath mila kar toh dekh.

Things about TVF Pitchers that you shouldn’t be swayed by

27th May 2015 – the internet was welcomed with the trailer of an online series that portrayed the Indian youth slightly differently from how Bollywood/Roadies/Splitsvilla has over the past few years. It talked of the youth that is the entrepreneur, the youth that wants to solve problems that affect you and me, and not just party and get drunk on “Chaar bottle vodka”. Little did anyone know this series by the end would take the internet by storm, and be so relatable and inspiring to the entrepreneurs, and the aspiring ones.

TVF Pitchers

Similar to everyone’s unanimous view on TVF Pitchers, I too totally loved the series! It has easily been one of the best things that has happened to the Indian entertainment industry, and I’m sure has also encouraged a lot of people to startup! But if you’re too inspired by the series and wish to startup, and get funded and live happily ever after,  think again. Because life of an entrepreneur isn’t as rosy, glamorous as it looks like. Here are a few points that the you should keep in mind, if you’re too moved by the series and immediately wish to startup like Naveen Bansal and team.

1) Most of the episodes revolved around their startup getting funded. In fact, the season ended on a happy note with their startup getting funded.
However, that’s not how it is in real startups. The startup’s  success is determined by the quality of the product, or the kind of response the company gets from its customers.
Funding is a mere external factor that helps accelerate the growth of the startup, and it shall come if your product is good!

2) The product of work was not talked about at all in the entire season. This is not how startups work really. People do give a fuck about the “What”, which is the product/service that you’re building. Focus on the product and the funding, revenue shall follow.

3) Reality check – You will never get funded, or be able to impress the investors by giving a senti conversation about you, your friends and/or the hardships you’ve faced in the due course of building your company. The only thing investors give a shit about is growth, and how much will they be able to earn on their investment. If it had been an investor for real, he would’ve funded the other startup since it would reap him more profit, and as the investor put it, he could literally own the company.

4) It’s not always going to be a happy ending to your startup. It is very probable that your startup might fail, in fact the chances of failure are way more than chances of its success. You should only go ahead with the idea if you genuinely believe in it, and are willing to put your heart and soul in it, and more importantly be willing to fail. The learning through the entire journey, shall be insane however. 🙂

Again, I reiterate that TVF Pitchers was a beautifully put forth series, and I would love to see more of such content, top notch acting and direction like this on YouTube and on my TV Screen. Keep the great working going TVF. Cheers!

Dil ko thoda toh dhadakne do

Zindagi Ek baar jeene ko mili hai,
Usko khul ke toh jeene do,
Hasne do, rone do, jeetne do, haarne do,
Par dil ko thoda toh dhadakne do.
Thodi galtiyaan mujhe tum karne do,
Pyaar thoda mujhe karne do,
Thoda saa dvesh bhi tum rakhne do,
Dil ko thoda toh dhadakne do.
Us pahaad par mujhe Chadne do, baarish ke paani ko, uss chidiya ki chahak ko, phool ki mehak ko thoda toh mehsus karne do,
Dil ko thoda toh dhadakne do.
Sapne mujhe tum dekhne do,
Tutne do, bikharne do, aur fir se uthkar chalne do,
Dil ko thoda dhadakne do.
Voh bachcha abhi bhi Zinda hai mujhme, jo darna nahi jaanta, sirf khushi jaanta hai.
Apne usoolon se use ghutne mat tum do, saans use toh tum Lene do,
Dil ko thoda toh dhadakne do.
Agar kisi aur ke Jaise Zindagi hi jeeni thi, toh murda mujhe tum banne toh.
Agar aisa nahi hai, toh Thoda matlabi mujhe tum banne do,
Dil ko thoda tum dhadakne do.

Ever felt heartbroken?

So I happened to meet an old friend today who had been asking me to meet for quite a while. A few minutes into the conversation, I realized the reason why. She started crying missing the guy she broke up with, almost two months back and wanted me to talk to her about it. Of all the friends she had, she just wanted to speak to me. And I still don’t know why. She loved him with all her heart, but things just didn’t work between the two – a story which I’m sure a lot of you must’ve heard, or witnessed yourselves. I had to feed her ice cream, and momos to make her feel better, because clearly talks weren’t helping much initially.

And I see this happen with a lot of people every now and then. People thinking about, stalking their exes, seeing that new status they just uploaded, that guy/girl who they go out, get a picture clicked with with and so on. You get the point, right?

But here’s an advice that I gave to her, that I wanted to share with all of you. Don’t let this feeling of missing someone, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend or friend lag for too long.

Of all the people who love you and care for you, how is it that the presence or absence of that one person can affect your lives so bad?

Don’t feel sad about it. Be happy about the fact that happened, be happy that you got to know someone who was completely different from who you are, be happy to know that amazing feeling that love made you feel, and made you do things you never would’ve done otherwise. Be happy about the fact that the experience made you a better person, a person with a stronger heart, a person who can spot the wrong people better – if not the right ones.

As long as you are honest about that person you have been with, and loved the person with all your heart, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to repent.

And most importantly, learn to realize the importance of loving yourself, loving yourself so much that any person telling you they don’t love you anymore shouldn’t hurt you for too long.

And the harsh reality? Someone broke your heart today, and you might probably be on the other side someday – it doesn’t mean either of you were wrong or bad, but you two just weren’t the right fit, and it is completely okay.

There’s no dearth of amazing people around. And if you can’t find them in person, you can always swipe right. If you know what I mean. 🙂

10 Things to do in college life

We all have those few things in mind, that always want to do when we join college don’t we? I had mine too, and I did manage to live some of those and a few more. This is an article that I wrote a month before I was about to leave college, and got a pretty awesome response. Pado 🙂

As I write this post, less than 30 days remain for my college life to get over.  I’m an undergraduate student at one of the best, and one of the most unknown engineering colleges of India called “Netaji Subhas Institute Of Technology”. But this college has rightly given me the most four beautiful years of my life. Trying to list down a few things that made these four years so beautiful. Hope they help!

1) Date: I thought of starting with the most interesting one first! I’d recommend everyone to date atleast once in their college lives. It could be a serious relationship, a fling or just a cup of coffee with a guy/girl. Oh and stop cribbing about the fact that you’re not good enough! You don’t need a six pack, or a hot figure to be attractive. All that you need to do is strike a good conversation. And that ain’t rocket science! Trust me you’re always going to remember your first date, relationship or heartbreak. It shall teach you lessons that you shall always remember. And the feeling of being liked by someone from the opposite sex isn’t such a bad feeling! So stop stalking her on facebook. GO, ask her out!

2) Fail: This is something that not a lot of people I see are willing to do. If you genuinely want to achieve something big in life, you should be willing to take risks, and more importantly, willing to fail. Your failures, wrong decisions are going to teach you lessons that no right decision ever could.

I was always fascinated by the idea of taking the stage in school, and I couldn’t even string a few words of English on stage back then. I tried taking the stage a number of times in my first year. And honestly, my first few experiences sucked. I was literally booed at on almost all the occasions, but I stood my ground. I slowly kept getting better with time, and the same audience cheered for me after a few months! As a result, I’ve anchored a lot of events in and outside college, been a part of, and won a number of debates, acted in several plays, given a number of presentations and represented my college at Harvard! And the funny part? I still mumble, chew up words and forget my lines quite often. There still are events where my experience on stage isn’t as good. But I make sure I learn from my mistakes, regularly.
But yes, just don’t fail in your academics. Those backlogs are really hard to cover up, trust me.

With Veet in the backdrop, I know it looks like a pretty hilarious picture. But the picture above shows one of the first events, that I managed to anchor successfully.

A picture from the Harvard National Model UN, a debating event organised by Harvard University at Boston, where I had the opportunity of representing my college.

One of my first presentations. 😀

3) Study: Yeah, this sounds like a depressing one. But not many people will tell you this. Please make sure you don’t stop studying. If you’ve made it to a good college, just don’t rest and assume that your college is going to land you in a good job. If you haven’t, don’t lose heart. A lot of people I know, who are not from the “elite colleges”, and have made it big. Just be regular with your classes, and study well in the last few days, and you’ll be fine. Even if your passion doesn’t lie in your field of study, a good percentage doesn’t hurt, does it?

4) Travel: Make sure you travel a lot in your college years. It could be with your friends, family, a bunch of strangers or a solo trip. It is not just going to give you great experiences to cherish, but will also tell you a lot about the people around you. One of the most amazing things that one of my friends said a few days back:
The real character of a person shows when you live, work or travel with the person”

Travel, clearly is the most amazing and fun means to know someone. The good and the bad sides of a person are so much more prominent when you travel with him. I’ve got a lot closer with the people I’ve traveled with, and I think I understand myself a lot better post every trip that I go to.

5) Pull an all-nighter: Yes, this is a must do for all college students reading this! It could be a night stay, a night out, a drunk night, or just a night where you had to stay up to pull off a college fest. You’ll remember these nights the most, when you look back at your college days.
This is me at 4AM in the night on the top of the entrance gate of my college, trying to put up a flex. 😛

6) Try and find your passion: A lot of students, atleast in India land up in courses where they did not want to be in the first place(Most of them ending up being engineers, doctors or lawyers, that is). This happens mostly because of parental pressure, or log kya kahenge(What will people think of us?). It’s okay if you’ve landed yourself in the wrong course, this is the time for you to give your passion a serious shot. It could be dance, music, theaters, sports, photography or just starting up your own company. Yes, you may fail and fall in the process, but that is only going to make you stronger. Who knows, you might just make a great career out of it! If you fail, you always have your college degree to fall back upon, and you have great story to tell your friends! 😛

7) Talk to as many people as you can: In the four years of your college life, you’ll pass by a total of 7 batches. Make sure you talk to as many people, in and outside your college.
In the process, you’ll come across two types of people, as Vir Das rightly puts it:

“Type 1 will make you feel better than who you are. Type 2 will make you feel worse.

If you meet type 1 first, make it last, do whatever it takes.

If you meet type 2, you will know. You always know. Have some fun and wait for type 1. They are probably right around the corner.”

Follow this, religiously!

8) Read: This is one of the most important habits that you can possibly develop in your college years. Read fiction, news, entertainment, technology or anything that interests you! But make sure you read regularly. Regular reading is one habit that is not just going to add on to your knowledge and creativity, but shall also give you a perspective to life, that not many people will be able to give to you.

9) Learn the art of not giving a f*ck: This is something that I feel is of UTMOST importance. You’ve spent your entire school life thinking of what your parents, friends think of you. STOP giving a f*ck about what people think about you now. Everything that you do, will be judged upon by people. Trust me, everything! You study too much? They’ll label you a nerd. You talk too much? They’ll call you obnoxious. So just learn the art of being comfortable in your skin, and accept yourself for who you are. You’ll not just make a great career, but will also make unadulterated friendships. Friendships, where people love you for who you really are.

10) Have a few really close friends, or at least one: Yes, you’re going to meet a lot of people in your college life. But make sure you have those bunch of close friends by your side. Friends with whom you can be yourself, share your happy and sad times with, who you know will call you to ask where you are if you’re not around, and who you would want to stay in touch with for the rest of your lives. You don’t have to force friendships like these on people, they just happen with time. When it feels right with those few people, don’t let them go!


This, well is my bunch of close friends.

Live, love, laugh, fall, cry. Feel every emotion in these four years. Make sure these four years of your life make a beautiful story worth looking back to. 🙂

Placements aa rahi hain, resume review kardo?

So it’s that time of the year again! The placement season for most of the final year students is round the corner. I, like most of my folks of the Batch of ’15 have received a lot of “Resume review kardo” requests of late. And I’ve tried to make sure that I review all of them, just like my seniors did in my placement season. Just wanted to wish the students all the luck in the upcoming placement/internship season. Before sitting for any company, just remember that it’s just a job!

– In the next few days, it’s going to rain elated Facebook statuses on your wall. One of them could be your status, or probably not. Just keep working; you’ll get a good job, or a decent one atleast!
Big congratulations to you if you get that dream job early on. If you don’t, feel happy for your friends who did, hug them tight and most importantly, like and comment on their Facebook status. 😛

– The only thing that you’re going to miss out on life if you don’t get that dream job is a slightly high CTC, and a few proud padosis who only know of Google, Facebook and Samsung as the only companies that exist in this world in the first place. You’ll reach where you want to be, if you genuinely love what you do. Most importantly, your placement is never going to be the reason for your friends, and family to love you more.

-Remember, your placement could be a great job, an average job or a very bad job that you never wanted. But it’s going to be your FIRST JOB. It’s going to be the job that’s going to make your earn your first salary, it’s going to let you buy stuff by yourself, and is going to shape the person you become in the next few years. All of this is a really big deal, take pride in your first job. You’ve earned it.