Every female best friend birthday post!

Like every year, I’ve forgotten your birthday this year too. But I’m going post the most embarrassing and ugly pictures of us on social media and the world is going to go ‘Aww’ on them, because they have no option. Also because they’re all mechanical engineers and single.

Also, notice the kisses and hearts in the birthday wish. They’re trying to tell that I love you. I don’t know if I really do. But social media, so we have look like #BFFGoals.

I copy pasted this line from some other female friend’s post but you mean the world to me. Remember the night out we had? I genuinely think nobody has had the kind of fun that we did, until last night when I saw Priya’s pictures that looked hotter than ours. Marjaaye kutti kameeni.

You know we are going to stay friends forever, and you know what I said before the comma is a lie. But iss post par tumhaare aur mere dono ke dost like karenge, so it doesn’t really matter.

Nobody is going to read such a long crappy post because people know they all look the same, but I had to write this. Because as I said, likes. Also because I want you to write such a post for me too on my birthday. So that people know I have friends. And a life.

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