Sad story of every person wearing specs

Broken specs
That’s exactly how my broken specs and heart looks like

1. You wear a pair of specs.
2. In some days you get bored of it, so you buy a new pair.
3. You forget the old pair because you think it’s design is baba aadam ke zamaane kaa, and you’re too sexy for it now.
4. You click selfies, tons of selfies. You don’t want people to notice your pretty face for a change, but your brand new specs because bro it’s expensive and new.
5. 10 days later, your friend sits on your pair of specs. The asshole breaks your new pair, and your heart.
6. You’re blind now. Everybody shows you the middle finger and asks you “Bro yeh kitni ungliyaan hain”. You badly need the old pair now.
7. But you don’t find the old one because you gave no fucks to it after you bought the new one, and you realise that the saas bahu serials were correct. Puraane rishte zaruri hote hain.

Watching Kyunki saas bhi bahu thi on Youtube right now to learn good values again.

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